One vehicle rolled over in an accident Saturday afternoon along Corridor G near Alum Creek

Map. History of West Virginia conflict

17 February 2018
One vehicle rolled over in an accident Saturday afternoon along Corridor G near Alum Creek
Tioga Road fire roars thru Nicholas County house. Summersville Fire Dept. Picture
Trump on Democrats and immigration: "They talk a good game on DACA, but they don't produce"
President Trump at GOP gathering: "We have Dreamers in this country, too. You can't forget our Dreamers. I have a lot of Dreamers here."
Pres says we no longer apologize for America. "We don't apologize any more," he says, in a veiled criticism of his predecessor.
"They are really unlawful enemy combatants," says @POTUS of militants. Keeping open Gitmo is "another promise kept."
"We have incredible lined up, just lined up, that are getting ready to go into the courts" as judges appointed by his administration, says @POTUS, predicting it'll be one of his "greatest achievements."
"We've fulfilled far more promises than we promised.," he tells friendliest of audiences about the year past for him and them. "I call it promises-plus," Trump says.
[email protected]: "African American and Hispanic employment have both reached the lowest levels ever recorded."
[email protected]: I believe I brought hundreds of billions of dollars in business back with me from Davos.
Trump says that Sen. Hatch said he's a better president than even Washington and Lincoln "I love this guy," he jokes
@Sen_JoeManchin: Mike Pence talks a good game as far as bipartisanship but I met with their team 21 times to make tax cuts larger and permanent for the middle class, not big businesses and millionaires. They decided to be strictly partisan instead of helping the middle class West Virginians.
@Sen_JoeManchin: I've voted 54% of the time with the Trump Administration when I think it's what's best for WV. There isn't another person in Congress who votes as bipartisan as I do.
Pres Trump arrives at Greenbrier Valley Airport in WV. "I love West Virginians," as he greets supporters on the tarmac.
Cleveland Homicide seeks Mercury driven by white male, six to 6-3, in drug related shooting murder
2 week ago
"We thank God it wasn't worse," says @VP of train/truck crash involving GOP members of Congress. Addressing workers in WV, Pence says his heart goes out to the victims of the collision. He is to attend the GOP Retreat Dinner later.
2 week ago
@VP: @Sen JoeManchin is going to keep voting against West Virginia and I think Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are pretty happy with the way he votes. But WV needs to let him know that they EXPECT BETTER and they need to let Joe know that WEST VIRGINIA DESERVES BETTER.
@VP: When the time came to repeal and replace the disaster of Obamacare, Joe voted NO. When we empowered West Virginia to defund Planned Parenthood, Joe voted NO. And when it comes to securing our Southern border, Joe said, "I'm not voting for the wall, either."
2 week ago
@VP: Today, Worldwide Equipment in West Virginia announced it will invest back in its workers because of @POTUS Trump's tax cuts law — giving out bonuses to hard working West Virginians.
3 lawmakers who are doctors tended to crash victims after a train carrying GOP lawmakers hit a truck in Virginia, congressman says
Buses alongside train in Charlottesville to pick up members of Congress and take them to WV for their retreat, which will proceed with an adjusted program.
[email protected]: "It's a very, very sobering moment for all Republican members of Congress."
Republicans will board these buses in Charlottesville and continue their journey to West Virginia after the train hit a trash truck
Aerial view of train/truck incident location in Crozet, VA. Train has since departed scene.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: Today's incident was a terrible tragedy. We are grateful for the first responders who rushed to the scene and we pray for the victims and their families. May they all be in our thoughts right now.
VP Pence proceeding with plan to go to West Virginia. Has separate meeting with WV families about tax cuts prior to scheduled dinner at GOP retreat.
[email protected] says Pres Trump has spoken to @SpeakerRyan and received an update on the train/truck collision involving Republicans heading to their retreat in WV.
An Amtrak passenger train carrying several Republican members of Congress, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, to a retreat in West Virginia collided with a trash truck near Crozet, Virginia. At least one person is dead and one seriously injured
White House: 1 dead in Virginia train-truck collision, no lawmakers or staff seriously injured.
Video from the scene where a train carrying Congressmen to the annual GOP retreat collided with a truck.